my_daroga: Orson Welles (orson)
my_daroga ([personal profile] my_daroga) wrote2010-12-09 08:56 am

Dry spell over!

I know I've spammed a few of you already, but this just in:

I will be playing messenger/Conrade/Ursula in Much Ado About Nothing! I've had about ten or so auditions without results, so I was getting really discouraged--I know that's how it goes, but it's hard to keep perspective when you're feeling so judged--so I'm really really happy.

I'm also happy because the one show I've seen at the theater had some great acting, and I think it's a good step forward for me, career-wise. Don't get me wrong, I love the people I've worked with so far, and I've had a great time. But being in a cast where I'm not the lead and have to keep up will be good for me.

So, I'll be gone for pretty much the entire month of January, as we go up in early February. I want to start right away!

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