my_daroga: Tatsuya from "Touch" (cartoon)
my_daroga ([personal profile] my_daroga) wrote2010-12-11 12:38 pm

Guys. I really like Avatar!

The cartoon, I mean. I was going to say The Last Airbender but now that's confusing, too. Anyway. Not exciting and new, I know, old meme, but I thought you should know.

Because everyone's awesome, especially... *drumroll*...


That's right. I adore him. I don't know what it is, though I do know that I often really enjoy characters who like food and/or are sort of philosophical about their comforts. Even though I do not. Like food.

I'm not done with Book 3 yet, I think we're on the second disc, but the scene with Zuko and the shell was probably the best thing ever, and I also love Katara and Aang and Sokka and less so Toph. But Iroh. I need more Iroh.

I hear people don't like Katara. What's that about? Unless it's about something that hasn't happened yet, in which case, don't tell me. But anyway, I love that it's a kid's show that moves, plotwise, and it's got definite goals, and the humor is actually humorous to me, and there are lots of girls kicking ass. It's just great.

These are my profound thoughts.

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