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my_daroga ([personal profile] my_daroga) wrote2011-07-01 08:00 am

and on a lighter note...

Have this video you've probably seen before, because it's hilarious. [NSFW in concept, though it's all images from the 2009 Star Trek film.]

As well as some photos I won at the KiScon raffle! Some of which are candids I did a little bit of color fiddling with.

This face. What is it? Is he trying to look femme?

Awww. The original is actually RED--I think it's blown-up from a smaller candid on deteriorated film.

This is, obviously, The Prize. Because alongside the pants and the whatever-he's-doing-with-his-gut, we've got the face. Which I've decided is a "taking direction and not sure if liking it" face.

Got this one for [personal profile] lettered, who likes older men.

Kirk: SRSLY?

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[personal profile] seraphcelene 2011-07-06 03:10 am (UTC)(link)
Hilarious vid!!!!! Love it!