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The image (minus one important addition, and it's not the text) comes from an old Japanese Batman comic, as reproduced in Bat-Manga. Does this remind you of anyone?

I really haven't been around lately, have I? I have about a week (give or take a few days) left before my master's degree is FINISHED, which I'm very excited about, except for the next week (give or take a few days) I have to live through. I will be very, very happy when this is all over. My MLS has been just about the most boring project I've ever embarked upon.

And I haven't really commented on anything political or pop-cultural because when I do have things to say, I've been saying them out loud. So you're missing it. Not that most of it's that exciting or pithy. In short: Bogdanovich's interviews of Orson in This is Orson Welles are some of the greatest things I've ever read, I am going to see Twilight, the new Star Trek trailer is APPALLING, I hate that it gets dark here now at 4:30, and [ profile] tkp is AWESOMESOCKS. I keep hoping I'll catch up on movie reviews and things, and write all those essays I always want to but am too lazy to actually write out.

Until then... there's Lord Death Man.

Big Persiany News

  • Mar. 14th, 2008 at 9:51 AM
my_daroga: Mucha's "Dance" (persian)
Does anyone remember when I mentioned that "my" Persian was Alexander Siddig?

I just heard (from Habitual Flippancy on DevArt, if this has been announced elsewhere online I just haven't seen it yet) that he's the Persian in the Big Finish audiobook.

I'm seriously over the moon with joy. And I'm ordering it right now despite the fact that I really shouldn't be buying myself presents.

How often does something like this come true? Now, if only it was visual...

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