Suits. And BSG.

  • Jun. 3rd, 2008 at 8:32 AM
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With the passing of Yves Saint Laurent, this is either the best or the worst time to mention one of my biggest, and most inconsequential, pet peeves:

I hate the word pantsuit.

Don't get me wrong--I love women in suits. For my money, there's not much hotter than mid-series Scully in a dark (expensive) suit. But I have never understood why, when "suit" means "jacket and trousers," we need a new word to specify that this one's worn by a female. Yes, I get that suits for women used to be exclusively skirt-oriented. If you weren't some kind of rebel. So maybe it was necessary to specify--decades ago. As it is, since it appears to me that as far as business attire goes it's all good, it really bothers me. Now that women are "allowed" to wear suits, can't we just call them that? I can't help but feel that the word now implies something about the wearer--that "pantsuit" is code for "woman playing a man's game."

Plus, it's just ugly. The word "pant."

Yeah, there are better things to be angry about, and I don't really feel oppressed or anything. But it's one of those things that rankles when I hear it, like getting my sock bunched in my shoe.

On a completely different note, we have now finished Battlestar Galactica season 3, and loved it. Yeah, there were a few slow episodes in the middle, but they were better than the slow ones from S2, and I think watching it all in a batch of a few weeks really alleviated what everyone who watched it as it came out hated. So now the issue is--wait for all of S4 to air because we know we usually like things better in bulk, or head on in on the high of the finale?


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