5 year anniversary!

  • Dec. 18th, 2010 at 4:39 PM
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On December 17, 2005, Mr. Daroga and I picked up our first dog from the pound. Eventually named Mr. Darcy for his combined vulnerability and attitude, he's been a fantastic companion ever since. I just wanted to commemorate that, because I love this dog, and I think a lot of people who've met him have, too. He's the model for the picture of Sirius from Diana Wynne Jones' Dogsbody in the icon. He's the one who I couldn't take outside for months and months because he became dog aggressive after the three month period during which he was too terrified to un-tuck his tail.

When we got him, the pound said he was a year old. The vet said he was three or four. Which means he must have been somewhere in between, because he didn't grow, and he's probably not nine. But I guess we'll never know, and judging from some of his behavior, maybe it's best that way.

Thank you, Mr. Darcy, for five years of love and counting.

Then, and blurry, I'm sorry.

camera shy
Now-ish. Hey, greybeard.

Name Those Cats!

  • Jun. 3rd, 2010 at 6:35 AM
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Note: I promise this journal will not devolve into all-new-cats, all the time. No more than usual, anyway.

So, yes. My much-loved Kitty-Kate passed away on March 5th, and while I can't say I'll ever be over her, exactly, the bedroom was feeling lonely without cat company and Mr. Daroga and I succumbed on Sunday to the lure of the shelter. Note to self: "looking" = "taking home."

One of these beauties appealed to Mr. D right away, seeing as she managed to be both hyper and lap-sitty within five minutes, but her sister would not hear of her leaving alone. So... we got two. Which I'm sure will be excellent for them while we're away, and as insurance against the dogs. Kate was only ever a one-cat cat, by her own preference as far as we could tell, but these two are super-bonded and get into all sorts of trouble. They're less than a year old and came from a house that was raided by police because there were 20+ animals living there. They're surprisingly well-adjusted and used to just about anything--they also get into just about everything and I'm not even sure how they do the things with food bowls that I've come home to find.

The dogs are, in one case, ignoring their existence and in the other, veering between intense interest and jealousy. They'll adjust, but I keep telling Mr. Darcy that if he shuts up and sits still, they'll probably be all over him in no time. Dogs do not understand "let her come to you."

Anyway, we're having trouble naming the little beasts (so far they're Cat and Other Cat), so I'm opening up the floor to recommendations. They don't have to be girls' names. They don't have to be sister/twin/pair names. They can be fandom-related or not. Ideas?

moar new kitties

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Photos: Back Roads

  • Jul. 29th, 2008 at 7:07 AM
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We found this while (no lie) seeking Edward Cullen's house in Forks. I don't think this is it, but it was an amazing find anyway. I have no idea what happened here, but at the time it had been there for quite a while and the locals were getting fed up. I thought they'd be angry I was standing there taking photos--they just wanted us to send them to the town council or whatever.


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conditioned responses and me

  • Oct. 12th, 2007 at 6:42 AM
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I've never experienced anything traumatic enough to stay with me in the way that, well, people who've been through traumatic events tend to carry that emotional residue with them. But now I think I understand it.

The other night, the Daroga clan (sans Kitty) went for a walk with human!Darcy and Sacha and The Bass Player. It was late, and quite dark, and we were on the well-used bike path behind the house. We heard someone coming in the distance, and could make out vague doggy-shaped things in front of person-shaped things, but Mr. Daroga was not expecting it at all when one of the doggy-shapes, which was already running towards us anyway (though on leash, as was Mr. Darcy) went straight for Mr. Darcy's face and clamped on to his lip. O HAY THAR PITBULL!

The men at the other ends of the leashes went in, while I yelled "don't get bit!" and tried to spray the dogs with my squirt bottle. And while it was definitely the most potentially dangerous fight Mr. D's ever been in (as in, dangerous for him), no one was hurt. Mr. Daroga apologized needlessly, since for once it wasn't D's fault. (Yes, I realize there are far too many "D" and "dar"'s.)

Crisis averted. Everything fine.

Well, as soon as we got out of range, I started crying and hyperventilating. I couldn't stop. And it wasn't that I was specifically reliving being bit, or genuinely concerned for Mr. Darcy's welfare at that moment. I think I was reliving the emotions of that day when I got bit and the other dog's owner yelled at me with a lot more venom than either of the dogs felt towards each other. It wasn't a specific memory--just the attendant feelings. And I realized that I've been reacting poorly to dog fights since then. Not that we get in a lot of them, but I'm emotionally less capable of dealing with it now.

So I kind of understand conditioned, traumatic responses like that now. Which, aside from being (obviously) unpleasant, is kind of interesting, too. Though it makes me feel weak and inadequate, I must say.


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