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In this post: Avengers fic recs, White Collar, and Terence Hill!

Fic recs! [personal profile] lettered has written two AMAZING Bruce Banner-centric Avengers stories you need to read. They're all at her DW/LJ/AO3, but here are some links.

A Fine Spur Uninterested in being an Avenger, Bruce goes back into hiding. Once more Natasha is sent to recruit him, but she has an agenda of her own. There's this total McGuffin action plot, and then this totally meta discussion on whether Black Widow is allowed to show emotion, cf multiple fannish discussions on the subject.

Her Bruce is tops. And her Natasha is... well, let's just say this fic explores some things amazingly well that need to be addressed.

The Hollow Men Steve goes to Uganda, ostensibly to fetch Bruce, who still doesn’t want to join the Avengers. Steve tries to figure out how to do the right thing; they both try to find their place in the world.

This story is, for me, about how the "right thing" is not always obvious and how superheroes in the real world are problematic and the beauty is that it's about lots of things we never talk about but I want to see discussed. And Steve. Oh god I love Steve.

Also, I was going to talk about how we're watching White Collar but she kind of said everything here EXCEPT for how Neal Caffrey totally reminds me of Terence Hill from the They Call Me Trinity movies. In that they're both irritatingly pretty in a way I don't tend to go for and which tends to get used to showcase how pretty they are EXCEPT in their cases, they're so goofy and allowed to look ridiculous that once I see them in action, I cannot escape. And they both have this devil-may-care, except see-what-I-did-there-aren't-I-awesome? attitude. Or maybe it's the icy blue eyes. Let's see if I can find some pics... )

Of course, Trinity and Terence Hill deserve a post of their own, but once I start I might not stop.


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