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Entirely inspired by [ profile] lizbee's highly entertaining Doctor Who Fandom Secrets posts, I thought it high time there was a special place for Phantom-related ones. There have to be lots. There are so many canons, so many opinions. But, like DW, an entire community isn't sustainable.

That's why I'm hosting it in my journal. Submit your secrets (as many as you like) to this post, and I'll post them when there are enough (or people get bored).

The Rules (formulated by [ profile] lizbee)

- Comments on this post are screened, and will not be unscreened.
- Secrets may be submitted anonymously, or not. IP logging will be off for the duration.
- Secrets must be no larger than 600x600 pixels. Secrets submitted in .bmp format will not be accepted.
- Do not use fan art or manips without permission.
- Do not hotlink images.
- Please upload your images to one of the free hosting services. I personally recommend Useful tip: if you upload your secret at Photobucket, your account name will be on display for all the world to see.

One final word: be polite. We all have opinions. Respect them. There's a lot of possible wank in POTO, though tempers are less high than they used to be (it feels like, anyway). Don't post a secret that'd be offensive if it was directed towards your favorite person/character/ship/canon. There's a line here, and I don't want to draw it firmly. There's a difference between opinion and bashing. If I see the latter, I reserve the right not to post it. Just have fun, and we should be cool.

Finally, and most important: Post this call in your journals or forums with a link back here! We want secrets, and not just mine, because you all know those already.

To watch this topic in my journal, track it here and choose the option to notify you when I post an entry tagged "poto fandom secrets."


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