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  • May. 17th, 2010 at 2:35 PM
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I have to say, a surprise!marching band (particularly a punk/indie one) is a million times better than the regular kind. Especially when you're at an art opening and think some high school is practicing way too close until you realize they're coming up the stairs at you and are actually dressed all in black/white/red and are not at all high schoolers. I like to imagine they just crash various events.

News of Outdoor Star Trek interest:
Casting is completed, and at this point it seems that another girl and I are "vying" for Kirk and Spock. As in, she was the top pick for both, so we're going to work out who's-who in rehearsal. That should be interesting. I am somewhat delighted by the notion that people cannot actually be delineated as one or the other--I would have thought that Kirk/Spockiness (as individuals, not slash) was somewhat innate and mutually exclusive. Then I would have thought again and laughed at myself.

I am actually posting, however, to point out two awesome Dreamwidth communities I am avidly following and highly recommend:
[community profile] writingthewall is a discussion community devoted to real person fiction, and all the discussions so far have been fascinating.
[community profile] queering_holmes is a very interesting community "for research/discussion of Sherlock Holmes and queerness" which spans the books, the new movie, and in general the treatment of queerness and homosexuality in the 19th century as well as today's fandom.


  • Apr. 22nd, 2009 at 7:11 AM
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Add me, in whatever configuration you wish, and let me know who/where you are. I am struck suddenly by the overwhelming choices ahead of me: what is this for? do I import this LJ over there? isn't it silly to, say, start mirroring communities and things over there that I run here? what should my default icon be? was my_daroga the right choice? how is this different (for my use of it) from LJ and how is it the same and how do I know? isn't this an opportunity to redefine myself in terms of name, 100x100 picture, and interest list? and isn't that terrifying?

Those of you with accounts, or who plan on getting them: what's your plan, as far as the above (or similar) questions go? and does anyone have any donuts? I'm hungry.

ETA: If I'm any example, it looks like more people are getting invites through OpenID, etc. I don't have any codes yet, but I'll start a list in case people have trouble getting them.
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