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Title: Fingers Crossed
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS (at least, that's how I imagined it; there is no canon specific element here)
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex
Pairing: Kirk/Spock (established relationship)
Word count: 2,600
Genre: PWP
Summary: Spock knows Jim believes Vulcan hands to be unusually sensitive. He doesn't disabuse him of that notion, but he has his reasons.
Notes: Written for Dreamwidth's Kink Bingo's amnesty period for the "hand fetish" square on my card. I wanted to play with the common trope in Trek fic about Vulcan hands. It went from there.
Warning/content notes: (skip) Fisting.

It was a common misconception... )

and on a lighter note...

  • Jul. 1st, 2011 at 8:00 AM
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Have this video you've probably seen before, because it's hilarious. [NSFW in concept, though it's all images from the 2009 Star Trek film.]

As well as some photos I won at the KiScon raffle! Some of which are candids I did a little bit of color fiddling with.

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We've got to risk implosion!

  • Aug. 18th, 2010 at 6:51 AM
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As you may have noticed, I've been absent lately. Between the show and a week-long family vacation on the Oregon coast, I haven't been able to check my f-list or update or anything--which is too bad, since I wish I'd recorded my thoughts about the show while they were still fresh. Anyway, here's a little round-up of things I've been thinking about.

If you want me to know/see anything, let me know! Sorry I've missed a bunch, and I won't be able to catch up.

"The Naked Time"
The crowds and the reaction, despite our low budget and some rain, leave every indication that this was a success! By our fourth show, we had standing room only, speaking to the power of word-of-mouth over any advertising we could do. We also had people complaining about how few shows we were doing (as in, their friends wanted to come but didn't know in time) and people very generously wanting to help out. Enough that unless something happens we'll definitely be back next year.

The show was very simple but, I think, effective. We went with colored t-shirts in blue/yellow/red, the set marked out by folding chairs, wooden blocks, and chalk. I think we could go even more minimal, which might offset some of the remarks we've heard about a lack of "professionalism" presumably because we didn't mimic the costumes. The shirts were convenient, sure, but also a valid choice and I thought they looked good and clean and simple. Our attempt was not to recreate the show, but to treat it as you would Shakespeare--it's an interpretation. Hence, also, the casting.

We learned a lot from the experience and one day we'd like to expand our repertoire to Shakespeare (in space?), original works, other television (possibly), and adaptations of books and fairy tales. How to go about it, I'm not entirely sure, but we did this by just deciding that we could. And we did. I was, and am, extremely proud of the results.

Plenty of photos here.

Cut because feelings tend to run high about this and I didn't like it. But I have a few things I want to say about why. )

Tl;dr: basically Cillian Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page need to make out.

Sherlock Holmes
I didn't talk about this at the time, because again, feelings were running pretty high, but I didn't like the recent film. Don't get me wrong, I love adaptation and playing with old works but they need to do one of two things, for me: show me a faithful adaptation of the material in another medium or give me exciting new insights. The Ritchie film, for me, only pushed Holmes closer to everything else, and was neither "my" Holmes nor one I was curious about.

The reason I mention it now is that the new BBC show is. I've only seen the first episode but oh my goodness, I loved it. Not unequivocally--I actually hate the "look" of it, the text all over the screen, the jerky chase sequence, that sort of thing. (I am not a fan of the idea that something needs to be moving ALL THE TIME to keep our interest.) But Holmes and Watson? I'm sorry, Sherlock and John? I love them. I thought the writing, the character work, and the acting were all great, and most importantly a lot of thought was put into updating these characters and making them people who weren't the originals, but were entirely valid interpretations of who those people would be. And that's exactly what I wanted. I am excited about watching the last to, and I suspect I'll be upset about there being no more.

Your turn! Write anything I should read? Have exciting news? Anything interesting going down either in life or on the internet? Something I haven't touched on you were curious about?

Outdoor Trek: Teaser Trailer and Photos!

  • Aug. 6th, 2010 at 3:39 PM
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I need to update--and catch up--but we have the great good luck to have a trailer put together before our final weekend. And some photos, courtesy of Riley's friend and [ profile] chaeche. Thank you!

I haven't watched the trailer. I can't really watch myself act, or I feel like I should never inflict myself on anyone ever again, and I don't need that right now! Pictures are bad enough. But I know other people will get a kick out of it. We had a great first weekend, and we're hoping for another.

And photos! )
If anyone else has photos, feel free to share them!

"Space Seed" in Portland, July 10, 2010

  • Jul. 12th, 2010 at 11:00 PM
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On Saturday, [personal profile] lettered, Mr. Daroga, my!Spock and I went down to Portland to see Atomic Arts' production of "Space Seed," a TOS episode. Last year's "Amok Time" was our inspiration for this summer's project, so we were excited to see the new show, advertise, and talk to the cast. (Also eat at our favorite Lebanese restaurant and go to Powell's.)

The production was, I think, better than last year's. Very streamlined, very simple, the adaptation and staging were elegant. I thought the acting had improved: Khan and historian McGivers were particularly awesome. They take a differen tactic than we do. It's clear what lines people are cast along, and it's a little more faithful to the original, while ours is somewhat more transformative--same script, more gender/race-bending (where possible). And their sets, while minimal, are more complex than ours. Their uniforms more precise.

After, we spread out and papered the audience with fliers. They all seemed really enthusiastic and thought it was a great idea. The cast came up and asked, "are you Seattle?" and seemed very encouraging and eager to see our take. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience and we've also got write-ups in several Portland papers, in reference to this production. I feel we're gonna have an audience.

Here are my favorite photos from Saturdays' performance. Clicking gets you much bigger versions at my flickr account.

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Minimalist Magic
The Star Trek Look
By Mervyn Nicholson (thanks to [ profile] zainin666 for the link)

"By treating the style of the original series as integral to the show — and not as a kind of regrettable defect — we can get a better grasp on the Star Trek phenomenon itself."

This article covers a lot of territory under the umbrella of discussing Star Trek as Minimalist in execution and thought (in opposition to the later series.) The use of color, the settiness of sets, and the expression of emotion are referred to, as well as Shatner's acting style. I'm linking and excerpting because it ties into something I was talking about before, about the way that Shatner/Kirk play off each other to create something strange and appealing without being freakish. The importance of emotion, of the face, in a drama without much of anything else to look at is, I think, important in understanding the success of a show without much in the way of special effects or budget to recommend it. Even if I'm not sure I buy the over-arching idea that Minimalism can tie it all together.

Aside from my fervent nodding along to the idea that Shatner's acting is appropriate to the form and style of the show (I am converted, preach to me!), it is interesting to note that the "deficiencies" of TOS can certainly be put down to budget issues and to a lack of style, but they don't have to be. I like a lot of how it looks, and I think it's valid to approach these decisions as choices. Choices bound by necessity, sure, and altered by chance. But the colored lighting on faces and bare walls, the orange skies, the simple uniforms--all that is stuff missing from the later series and which I miss from later series, not through nostalgia but because there's an actual dramatic resonance to placing the action in that context. And maybe that helps explain why someone like me can come to this show now, as an adult who wasn't even around when it came out, and prefer it.

Anyway, because it's me, have some stuff about Shatner:

Trek owes it all to Shatner )

Tl;dr--Basically, Shatner works on the small screen through close-ups, and the impressive mobility of his face and its ability to transmit emotion. He's good-looking, but not too good-looking, fit but not too fit, which lures us in. He is familiar. And yet he embodies a contrast between the macho leading man and a fluid emotionalism, in sharp contrast to a more typical, and less interesting, Jeffrey Hunter type. This, I think, is crucial: "It is not narcissism that he projects but, like him or not, happiness, an intense delight in his role." This is what I feel, watching Kirk work. And why I think the show is still relevant for me, when exploring masculine stereotypes and the male role in media and society. Well. And in being awesome.

One day, I'll write about something else.

Vancouver Convetion - Further Thoughts

  • Jun. 30th, 2010 at 3:21 PM
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Part of going to the Star Trek con last weekend was about never having been. I never thought it'd be "my thing"--as I observed to [personal profile] lettered/[ profile] tkp, "I don't think that's where I'll find my people." But fandom, in and of itself, has always fascinated me, and I wanted to try out this aspect of that experience. Just once.

I don't feel I got that.

The convention was very small, for one. A tiny vendor room, with some signed photos and shirts ranging from XL-XXXL. Very few people in costume (though I appreciated the many TOS-era mini-dresses). And not much to do aside from lines for photo-ops, lines for autographs, and the auditorium, where the main attraction was naturally Shatner/Nimoy and little else (for me).

Now, I didn't want to buy anything, and I was in a mini-dress, too, and it was my choice not to pay for photo-ops and autographs or to meet my heroes. But I'm glad I had a job to do (passing out fliers for Outdoor Trek), or I'd have been bored.

So. I have some questions, and maybe a few of you can answer them.

-Those of you who have done the con thing--I mean the Trek-like kind--are there bigger ones? Looking at the website for the Vegas version by the same people, it seems like the place to be. But I find myself wondering if the internet has changed the face of "real life" fandom--we no longer have to converge on physical spaces to trade fic or squee or discuss.

-Where are the cons for fans? I mean our kind of fans, the meta-fen, the places where stuff is discussed and people are social (when they want to be) and it's an extension of what we do here? WisCon, I'm looking at you next year, for sure. But is there a Trek version of something like this? Where's the meta-Star Trek convention? I don't know anything.

In short... Where's the primer on fan conventions? Because I never thought I'd be saying this, but if my show wasn't the same weekend, I fear I'd be buying a ticket to Las Vegas right now. I was fiercely jealous of those who went to WisCon this year, only because I finally figured out what it is once they got there and started telling me about it.

I want the convention experience. What's next?

Shatner and Nimoy in Vancouver - [Summary]

  • Jun. 29th, 2010 at 10:00 AM
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I know some of you will want to see this, though yes, it's fannish and obsessive! My notes are spotty, and my memory more so: I concentrated on the shatnoyish bits as I figured those would be of primary interest. Mostly it was just nice to realize, hey, those are real people up there. It blew my mind, a little, I have to say, as not-fangirly as I expected to feel. (Yes, self-deluded, I know.)

Public appearance )
That is all the notes I took, and most of what I remember. It was really fun, and they have clearly honed their "act" over the years. By which I mean, while they have a few stock stories they trot out, it feels like they're more interested in entertaining themselves, and they've made that entertaining for others. They're not interested in giving a big grand show, they're over it, and they realize they don't have to. I'd much rather watch them shoot the breeze about what they did that week than tell the same stories that are in their books anyway, and the genius of it is that they can get away with that because it works on stage. The public/private aspects of that are a little confusing for me to tease out, because they move further and further away from being famous for Star Trek until, for some of us, they are notable simply for their personae in appearances like these. Which are, to varying extents, both real and performed. Now, they wouldn't be that without Trek, but figuring out the layers there makes my head spin a little.

Shatner and Nimoy in Vancouver - [Photos]

  • Jun. 29th, 2010 at 8:00 AM
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Sunday, [personal profile] lettered and I went to see Shatner and Nimoy speak at a convention in Vancouver. I've more to say about that, but I wanted to get these pics up.

These pics aren't very good, by the way. I was really far back, and my zoom lens is pretty slow. So the non-flash ones have blur, and the flash ones have their own problems given how short I am and the reflection off people in front of me. I still thought some of them were worth sharing, as long as you don't judge my photography skills too harshly.

LARGE images )

Outdoor Star Trek has a new home!

  • Jun. 11th, 2010 at 3:29 PM
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Anyone who wants to keep up with my Outdoor Star Trek project, or pass the links around for some of that new-fangled viral marketing, please check out our new Captain's Blog and @hello_earth on twitter. [personal profile] lettered/[ profile] tkp and I will be posting there regularly with behind-the-scenes info and insight into the process of bringing "The Naked Time" to the stage.

Here and There

  • May. 24th, 2010 at 2:19 PM
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*Someone recommended this lovely fic to me and I'm passing it on, not even having finished. It's Star Trek XI, Cupcake/Chekov, and highlights the fact that what little we get of "Cupcake" in the film is that he stands up for a woman who's said no more than once already. Kirk's the hero of the film, and yeah, Cupcake's rough, but does that make him right? Very sweet, and I believe the author has gone on to write more about him. We always read about Starfleet's avowed geniuses. What about those redshirts, huh?

*This should explain itself:

*An interesting writing meme:
Is my id showing?

via [ profile] snickfic: So, a couple of us got to wondering what our fics revealed about us. Hence this anonymeme. Are our ids showing?

I've just put all my stuff up on Archive of Our Own, so this got me wondering. I probably know what my primary concerns are already, but it's interesting to think about how many of them come through in my fanfiction, and which ones I'm not actually aware of. And I wonder if they're consistent through fandoms, or if my concerns are native to one or the other area. Or is there something that links my RPF and my Trek and my Phantom of the Opera? I'm not sure anyone's actually read fic in more than one of my fandoms, but if you've got any insight, let me have it!

*My thoughts on New Who, through The Time of Angels (not v. positive) )

*[personal profile] lettered/[ profile] tkp and I may be attending a Star Trek convention. "May be" as in "are."
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What I want from fic--and you
I think the single-greatest thing about the new Star Trek movie is how it's injected new life into the fandom, and how that's not at all isolated to the actors/characters from the new film. I have talked to so many people who've gotten into TOS via the film, and thus far my interactions in fandom have been really positive and inclusive. (Hell, [ profile] ontd_startrek ate up my Intruder picspam, which is pretty funny considering the community and the fact that the movie I was capping was a social problem film about racism in the South.)

The problem is, perhaps, that there's too much.

I love Kirk/Spock. I'd definitely read other pairings done well. But here's the thing: where do I start? (I know I've asked this before, but my request has been refined and maybe more of you have been asking these questions now, too.) The explosion of fannish activity means that the K/S is overwhelming. Those of you reading fic, how do you decide what to read if you need to be selective? Where do you go? Whose recommendations do you trust?

I'm more interested in the characters from TOS, but I've read some fantastic XI fic, as well. I like angst, I like humor, I like anything good. I like stuff that examines the meeting of both of those worlds, the questions of identity raised by the whole nu/Prime situation and which the film very conveniently allows to be canon. I like stories about both "how does nuKirk become the awesome we know he is destined to be?" and "how do nu Kirk and Spock become the awesome we know they are destined to be?"

What I want from Kirk/Spock
In an effort to educate myself about classic K/S fic, I've been working through a couple rec lists, and I've observed something interesting. Thus far, I haven't seen a single one that doesn't involve a very schmoopy mind-meld pair-bond situation in which Kirk and Spock finally figure it out, hook up with the aid of touch telepathy, and are the most perfect couple foreverandeveramen. I adore the leading-up-to bit, the misunderstandings and the way their respective characters complicate that revelation. I've read some good stuff involving doubt and will and, say, Kirk's decision to sit behind a desk after their five-year mission. What I haven't seen, and very much want to, is fiction dealing with what I would consider the obvious problems of having complete and total access to the mind of the person in whom you've invested everything. Most of the barriers in these stories are outside imposed; Kirk and/or Spock are kidnapped or sick or attacked or whatever and that endangers their relationship.

But what about their own natures? What makes them work as a couple, for me, or even as friends or partners, is the way they complement and defy one another. I'm not saying it needs to be some drawn out domestic melodrama ending only in tears. But don't you think that Spock might see something in Kirk's mind or memories that disturbs him? That he can't reconcile? Wouldn't a mind like Spock's have an alien quality Kirk might not always understand or deal with well? I like a dose of schmoop once in awhile. But most of these fics lose their edge once the hookup happens and Kirk and Spock lose theirs.

I want that edge. I wonder if this is a function of where the fandom was, because it does seem like a genre convention that K/S are soul-bonded in the most comfortable and least problematic way. Maybe that's what people want(ed) to read; it's a very clear wish-fulfillment fantasy. Maybe that's a logical extension of what people see on the show. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. But I would like to see something different. Something examining that psychology.

(But you're more than welcome to send along links to schmoopy you like particularly well, because I can be squishy, too.)

What I want from William Shatner
cut for epic obsessiveness. seriously, not for the faint of heart. )

[Note: I'm really sorry to be so behind on my f-list. I find it difficult to find time to both write and keep up on LJ, so writing has taken precedence. But I will try to catch up, and if you do have a post or something you want me to look at, please let me know.]


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