Le Grand Phantom Friending Meme of 2007

  • Feb. 13th, 2007 at 7:36 AM
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[For all you non-fannish people, I'm sorry; just ignore!]

Inspired by the recent spate of friending memes 'round these parts, I thought it was high time for a Phantom of the Opera themed one. This is a divided fandom, for all its relative small stature, so here's our chance to find the like-minded--and the contrary we can stand--among the throng.

Leave your info here, so people can find it. And in your own journals and communities, please pimp! This works better if we get everyone we can.

Username Obvious
How long have you been a fan? What got you into Phantom? Just a little background, here.
What's your favorite version(s)? Movies, books, stage, whatever.
Least favorite? Likewise.
Have you read Leroux? It's got to be asked.
What's your fannish involvement? Fiction? Art? Discussion? Passive-obsessive?
Where else can we find you? Do you frequent other Phantom groups online? You may know each other and not even know it!
(Who) Do you ship? Standard memage, right?
What else might we find in your journal? So we know what we're in for.
2004!movie--y/n/indifferent? No flamewars here, please--This is just so rabid fans on either side of the debate can stay away from each other *if necessary*. The Gerard Butler contingent doesn't want a flood of anti-Schumacher sentiment in their lj's, and the opposite is true as well. So if you can't get on with people on the other side, let us know. No harm will come to you.
And lastly, What do you love most about Phantom? State your case.

ETA: Now, cleaner headings for your answers (thanks [livejournal.com profile] ensign_beedrill!)
<b>How long have you been a fan?</b>
<b>What's your favorite version(s)?</b>
<b>Least favorite?</b>
<b>Have you read Leroux? </b>
<b>What's your fannish involvement?</b>
<b>Where else can we find you?</b>
<b>(Who) Do you ship?</b>
<b>What else might we find in your journal?</b>
<b>What do you love most about Phantom?</b>


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