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  • Jan. 23rd, 2009 at 2:16 PM
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I think I've found my Draco. I wasn't looking for one. And I think he's an older version of the writer-formerly-known-as-mistful's Draco, which is more or less irrelevant to anything. (ETA: Not that mistful's Draco is irrelevant--the pairing-him-up-with-a-face-that's-too-old-anyway sort of is.)

He's Alec Guinness in David Lean's Great Expectations.

Draco )

I don't actually "cast" fiction--my own or others'--very often. I'm not terribly visual, and I don't generally find a need to "know" what people look like. The verbal descriptions, the cipher, is enough. I don't picture the players in my mind's eye. But every once in awhile, when I'm not looking for them, I'll realize that someone fits the unspoken template residing in my head. Which is why Siddig el Fadil is now my Persian.

The Persian )

And oddly, Tilda Swinton is my Silver from Tanith's Lee's The Silver Metal Lover (with a little help from Photoshop):

S.I.L.V.E.R. )

It's happened with my own characters, too, such as the time I watched Whale Rider and realized Keisha Castle-Hughes was the main character of a story I'd spent months writing. At that age, anyway--not so much anymore.

So what about you? I'm sure other people do this, and many of you probably more often than I do. We all have trouble, sometimes, ridding our minds of actors' faces who have actually played the roles (does anyone see anyone other than Vivien Leigh when they read Gone With the Wind? Not that I mind--and maybe that's another post. See icon.). But what about the ones who suddenly seem to fit a character you love? I guess that's what dream casting is all about, but in the above instances I wasn't trying to find anyone who fit. I'm interested in those characters (yours or other peoples') who have suddenly attained a face for you, and who they are, and if that's changed anything for you. Have you ever cast anyone so strongly that, when the film gets made, you just can't accept whoever they chose? Has it affected how you see that character?

Oh yeah--photos welcome!


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