Outdoor Trek: Teaser Trailer and Photos!

  • Aug. 6th, 2010 at 3:39 PM
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I need to update--and catch up--but we have the great good luck to have a trailer put together before our final weekend. And some photos, courtesy of Riley's friend and [livejournal.com profile] chaeche. Thank you!

I haven't watched the trailer. I can't really watch myself act, or I feel like I should never inflict myself on anyone ever again, and I don't need that right now! Pictures are bad enough. But I know other people will get a kick out of it. We had a great first weekend, and we're hoping for another.

And photos! )
If anyone else has photos, feel free to share them!

I'm a terrible gardener!

  • Jun. 25th, 2010 at 9:25 AM
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A few things. First, our poster for Outdoor Trek, drawn by our Uhura and colored/design by Mr. Daroga.

The Naked Time! (SFW) )

There are also a few new blog posts at our Captain's Blog.

Next, this rose bush. When I moved in, there were several very old, very tall bushes. I know nothing about gardening or roses, but I have attempted to keep up with them. However, everything I've read suggests cutting away old wood--but nearly all the growth on these bushes is on old growth. So I've never been able to cut them back very much, and they end up just HUGE and with DOZENS of (small) roses all over them. I really like it.

epic rosebush

Backyard Visitor

  • May. 27th, 2010 at 3:14 PM
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I have another post to make, with actual content, but for now check out this little guy (or gal). I don't know where its tail went, or why it was in my backyard (on my garage) at mid-morning, but it was cute as hell and offered me a chance to try out my new zoom.

backyard visitor

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I have "Wuthering Heights" in my head

  • Feb. 11th, 2009 at 7:26 AM
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*First-of-its-kind narwhal footage. I dunno, whales with horns. It's cool.

*[livejournal.com profile] stefanie_bean has begun a Phantom-related WIP called Kristina: A Fantasy that is sort of AU and fantastic and detailed and realistic at the same time. I like what she's done with the characters so far, because they're not quite the figures you recognize, but you know who they are.

*Jane Austen's Wii and Wonderment. Pride and Prejudice reimagined for the Wii. I kept forgetting this wasn't real, and getting upset when I remembered. Of course [livejournal.com profile] tkp, being [livejournal.com profile] tkp, has very good thoughts about what's wrong with the scenario, with which I agree, but I still think it is very cute and would play it.

*For Seattlites, Vintage Seattle, High-Res Blog Visualizing the Emerald City's Past. Curious about the fact that the Smith Tower was once the tallest building west of the Mississippi (until 1931) and the tallest building in Seattle until the Space Needle (1962), both of which are now dwarfed by the rest of the city, I went looking for old images. (Side note: All those photos of the Space Needle you see are taken from Queen Anne hill, with the Needle in the foreground, so it looks ENORMOUS but it's really not. Ask [livejournal.com profile] tkp where it is! She loves that!) Anyway, I enjoyed such posts as this 1907 panorama showing a city not too different in sprawl, but yet to rise. There are a lot of old colored postcards, too.

*Does anyone know how to do something lj-cut-like on Blogger? I've tried these instructions and can't get them to work. Eh, it's a long shot; I don't expect you to figure out what I'm missing. But it means I can't post my LTROI review, without spoiling.

*Last bit of advice for today: On MLK day, a friend and I watched Jesus of Nazareth all the way through, which was very long and very stupid of us despite the awesome sight of Ian McShane as Judas. What should we watch this upcoming bank holiday? I've considered the Wilson/Stephens Jane Eyre and North and South because she hasn't seen them, but what might I not have seen I should? We're talking mini-series, in the 3-5 hour range, I think, and I've seen P&P and Anne A LOT. Let me hear 'em; I know it's hard to tell what I've seen or not, but throw it at me and see what sticks.
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Through a clerical oversight (on my part), I'm left with an extra ticket to the Seattle tour of POTO.

Who wants it?

It's row C, center left, and $76.98 (incl. fees). The downside is, you'd have to see it with me and my friends, and who knows what that might entail?

Any takers?

Harry Potter and the anti-climax

  • Jul. 21st, 2007 at 1:34 AM
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Seattle. Seriously. Where were you people? I stood outside Elliott Bay Books from 11:30 to 12:30, second in line because the first hundred people who showed up got ushered inside for festivities, got their books, and left. By the time I got in, nothing was happening. No one in line was dressed up--save one or two folks with blankets. People walked past with their books, immediately flipping to the last page.

I'd been expecting an event, which was why I went. I didn't even buy a book--I'm next in line for the one my friend bought. I even wore my favorite outfit, the casual schoolboy look. Maybe I should have gone to one of the corporate stores for that sort of thing; but basically, tonight was a wash.

Let's hope the book is way better than the line.

drums and other sounds

  • Jun. 25th, 2007 at 6:34 AM
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It's ridiculous how much the light changes here. I work from 6:30-5. In the winter, I arrive at work in the dark and leave in the dark. In summer, I wake up and go to sleep while it's light. Amazing.

The dogs are doing well, and I am amused by how often the seem to unconsciously mirror each other's position. More often than not, they're lying with the same orientation, even if they're not next to each other. Like how you cross your arms when the guy across the desk does. Mr. Darcy will be sad to see her go on Tuesday, I think.

belated doctor who squee, w/ spoilers )
That's all for now, I think. Mr. Daroga and I watched the first two episodes of Rome the other day, and we're definitely on board for the rest. Also re-started Neon Genesis Evangelion, which somehow I'd forgotten the sheer amount of awesome of. God, the intro song/montage makes me cry. I'm actually not kidding. I need to get that.


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