The best POTO book review I've ever read

  • Mar. 6th, 2008 at 3:50 PM
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Sometimes I troll for published fanfic, just to read the reviews. This is my favorite so far:

Le Fantome, by Brigitta D'Arcy

The Worst Phantom Book Out There!, April 22, 2006
A Kid's Review

I checked on every single website for books, even the used ones, and I couldn't find this book. Finally, I came to and saw there was one in the used and new section. I instantly purchased it and couldn't wait for it to come in the mail. When I did, I read it and was sadly disappointed.

I'd heard one bad review for it before I got it in the mail, but I didn't listen because I am always open minded to every Phantom book out there. I can tell you now, I should have listened to that wise person. Le Fantome is not a Christine/Erik spin-off or anything like that. It's not even something for Raoul phans. It's about Erik dying and then his spirit goes into the future where the Broadway Phantom of the Opera is playing. And just because he sees one random woman crying for him, as well as everyone in the theatre, he instantly decides that she's the one for him.

But that's not all, either. Briggita D'Arcy tries to convince you the ENTIRE read that her book is true and that she saw this all in a vision. She probably did see this in a random vision..when she was high on cocaine. Even before all the chapters, she writes that this may seem supernatural/ sci-fi, but it is based on fact. In the Porlogue, she repeats that the book by Gaston Leroux was absolutely true, but he wrote it all wrong and now she had to write a book portraying the real story. Her version of what she thinks happened in Erik's earlier life and life with Christine, along with where he lived, didn't even match up to Gaston Leroux's story. Gaston Leroux has facts and specific details and explains real streets and rivers in Paris. Briggita D'Arcy just said "he walked along some street" or something like that.

Then the woman that was supposedly "the love of his life" is being stalked by the spirit of Erik. And it's in her point of view (and this is actually something the author had the woman write, even after she was spirited off to the spirit world with Erik). The strange thing is, the writing is exactly like the author's style and she never gives her name because it's "Erik's story".

While Erik stalks her, she somehow feels his presence and knows that it's Erik. My whole point is, this plotline was really crappy and a waste of time. The writing was even crappy. Throughout the entire book, I felt like I was choking on words and the descriptions were horrible or far-fetched.

Please, anyone considering to buy this book, place that thought completely from your mind. This book is the worst Phantom book out there. I hope this helps.

So much more entertaining than the actual books.


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